ReLock to iCloud

RELOCK TO iCLOUD – Power in your hands

If you Lost your iPhone and forgot to switch Find my iPhone “ON”

Now you can re-lock it to your own Apple ID (iCloud Account)

What will i do with that?

-You can track Location

-You can put device in Lost Mode

-You can Erase device

-You can Send message on device

How to Proceed,

Step 1: Check if Find my iPhone is still OFF on the device at

Step 2: If Find my iPhone is OFF, Order with us and Put the Apple ID & Password (on NOTES during Checkout) to which you wanna lock this device.
(You can make a new one, just for this purpose)

Step 3: It takes 24-48 hours (Mon-Friday) to Lock it to your Apple ID. Once its Done, You’ll get an email from us.

Step 4: Once you get our email confirmation, Login with your iCloud Account at, Click Find my iPhone and you’ll be able to see your device.

[P.S. If device shows Offline, It means, All actions (tracking,lost mode,send sound, etc.) will be triggered only when the person with the device connects it to the internet]

$40.00 Add to cart

Price: $40 USD

Time: 24-48 hours

Any Questions/Doubts/Queries/Difficulties, iMessage or Email us at

Important Notes:

-Only GSM iPhones are supported

-CDMA iPhones not supported

-iPad’s not supported

-Only devices which have Find my iPhone: OFF, can be done. If it’s ON, do not submit order.
(check status at

Relock to iCloud is a special service by HackiPhone Unlocks

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